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nymph in revolt

Apollo & Daphne, our first foulard, pays homage to Baroque sculpture and the literary theme of metamorphosis, designed for a riotous nymph from the contemporary urban jungle.

Silvia, whose name means 'wild' in Latin, interprets our first foulard wearing it as a scarf on her mouth, or as a short dress modelling her body. Apollo & Daphne's design is a reinterpretation of a baroque sculpture by Italian artist and architect Gian Lorenzo Bernini, kept at Villa Borghese Museum in Rome. The artwork represents a nymph, Daphne, chased by the Greek god Apollo. The young girl, who rejects the chaser's love, is eventually transformed into a laurel tree by her father, a god himself.

Our Apollo & Daphne foulard is printed with white small dots on navy blue silk chiffon. The dots that creates the image reference Bernini's sculpture, as well as a drawing, made for an opera show, by artist and architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel, designed for a representation of Mozart's Magic Flute, in 1815.

The foulard's border depicts the full sculpture represented on different viewpoints, as if the viewer turns around to see the artwork from different corners. The central image represents a close up of the nymph and god, seen as if the white dots form the shadows, whereas the light is the unprinted area of the piece.

Match Apollo & Daphne with an outfit for day and night, on a formal occasion, or on an everyday basis. The foulard can either be elegant or casual, worn to reveal the full drawing or just some details of the border and dots. Queen or king of the urban nighttime, use it as an accessory for riots, an elegant headscarf, or a fashion statement to break the rules. First and foremost, break yours.

Model: Silvia Barone

© Arcadia Now 2018

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