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lady in a London garden

Giulia, art curator and critic, wears our hankies from the Greek collection.

Our Greek collection takes inspiration from Ancient Greece red figure paintings. We homage artworks kept at British Museum in London. Our designs mix human figures and animals, winged demigods and nymphs, in order to reimagine antiquity as if still contemporary and alive.

Giulia wears a white jeans blazer and cotton white shirt, matched with a silk creamy pearl tie. This is the ideal canvas for Olympics, Hesperides' Garden and Nymphs & Sea Monsters: our series of Greek-like pocket squares, a love letter to Greek visual culture.

Match the colours of your pocket square with your socks, buttons, jewels, or the tie with the print of your hankie. As British fashion designer Hardy Amies once wrote, precious accessories make your outfit look like more expensive. Although, please avoid easy matches: work with shades and complementary colours, and play with textiles, alternating knitted/plain surfaces. The whole is a masterpiece made of details. Details, according to your purpose, can either be cheeky, or just invisible.

Model: Giulia Blasig

Set: Saint John's Lodge Garden, London

© Arcadia Now 2018

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