The image depicts Gian Lorenzo Bernini's marble sculpture Apollo and Daphne (1622-25), housed in the Galleria Borghese in Rome. The Greek myth of Daphne, remembered in Ovid's Metamorphoses, tells the story of Apollo, Greek god, fated by Cupid's love-exciting arrow. Mistakingly stroke by Cupid's love-repelling arrow, Daphne, a beautiful nymph daughter of the river Peneus, desperately flees the god, who, blind with love, chases her. Tired on the run, Daphne implores her father:"Destroy the beauty that has injured me, or change the body that destroys my life".The nymph is then transformed into a laurel tree. The statue depicts her in the very moment of the metamorphosis: her last scream is frozen in wood and leaves, marble. Our drawing is made with small dots, printed on pure white silk.

Colour: navy blue (silk chiffon), white (inkjet print)

Apollo & Daphne - silk chiffon

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