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The image references a baroque sculpture, kept at Reggia di Caserta, renowned as the Italian Versailles. Actaeon, a Greek hunter, as reported in Ovid's Metamorphoses, mistakingly sees Diana, the goddess of the moon and hunt, while she takes her bath in a forest. Enraged, the goddess transforms Actaeon into a deer. The hunter, unrecognised by his own dogs, is eventually attacked and killed by them. The sculpture and image represents the very moment of the aggression.


Colours: white (satin silk), pompeiian red (screenprint)

Actaeon & His Dogs - satin silk pocket square

SKU: 12345678
€ 45,00Prezzo
  • Pure silk pocket square, printed with silkscreen technique, hand rolled, 23 x 23 cm

  • Return and refund guaranteed. Please contact

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